Datainspektionen på Åland

Datainspektionen på Åland sköter om dataskyddet i den offentliga förvaltningen på Åland. Datainspektionen i Sverige bytte namn vid årsskiftet och heter nu Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten. Se närmare på

Europeiska kommissionen - Skydd av personuppgifter

Consumer Rights Awareness Campaign prolonged

In March 2016, the European Commission will launch a two-week information campaign on Facebook. The campaign aims to raise attention around the forthcoming European Consumer Day (10 March 2016) and the World Consumer Rights Day" (15 March 2016).

EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield

European Commission - Press release Strasbourg, 2 February 2016 The European Commission and the United States have agreed on a new framework for transatlantic data flows: the EU-US Privacy Shield. Today, the College of Commissioners approved the political agreement reached and has mandated Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Jourová to prepare...

Public consultation on impacts of maximum remuneration ratio under Capital Requirements Directive 2013/36/EU (CRD IV), and overall efficiency of CRD IV remuneration rules

On 26 June 2013, the new regulatory and capital requirements package for banks and investment firms was adopted ("CRD IV"). The package composed of a Directive (CRD) and a Regulation (CRR) lays down re-enforced principles and rules for remuneration policies of institutions.