EU Code of Conduct against online hate speech: latest evaluation shows slowdown in progress

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The European Commission released the results of its seventh evaluation of the Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online. This year's results unfortunately show a decrease in companies' notice-and-action results: the number of notifications reviewed by the companies within 24 hours dropped as compared to the last two monitoring exercises, from 90.4% in 2020, to 81% in 2021, and 64.4% in 2022.

UfM Member States commit to strengthen the role of women in society in response to regional crises

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Madrid, 26 October 2022. The 5th UfM Ministerial Meeting on Strengthening the Role of Women in Society was held today in Madrid. It was hosted by the Minister of Gender Equality of Spain, Irene Montero, with the presence of the European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli and the UfM Secretary General, Nasser Kamel.

EU Diversity Month in Romania

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On the occasion of the EU Diversity Month, the Romanian Diversity Charter organized o range of actions with the aim to engage Charter’s signatories in the celebration of the second edition of the EU Diversity Month in Romania, by creating at the same time a solid ground for debating and informing about the benefits of diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Dutch Inspiration session Diversity Day 2022: 'Try to see the person for who they are'

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During the European Diversity Month (in the run-up to the Dutch Diversity Day on October 4th 2022), SER Diversiteit in Bedrijf (Dutch Diversity Charter) organized an Inspiration session together with their partners a few weeks ago. The central question of the session was: How do we ensure that difference will enrich us?

Women leaders, disability, employee’s mental health and LGBT among topics in Hungary during the EU Diversity Month 2022

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The Diversity Month 2022 organised by the EU Diversity Charter Hungary was joined by numerous Charter signatories and partners, so Hungary had a colorful programme of 55 events to offer (2021: nearly 30). 38 organizers of 55 events engaged with further 86 co-organizers and speakers and involved 10000 participants to spend 135 hours on diversity and inclusion and its subtopics.


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